“ Working with Bestarz was an amazing and a beautiful journey to slowly finding myself again. She helped to guide me in pulling back the layers that my true self was hidden under. I had so many questions and she patiently and lovingly guided me. I absolutely enjoyed working with her the most out of all the healers I have ever worked with to this day. She is so thorough and extremely effective at helping the client accomplish services requested. I love her warm and sincere energy. She is a skillful healer yet caring person and that makes for a well rounded healing experience! ”

- Ms Juanita Martin (USA)

" For the longest time I wanted to communicate with my guides. You can find many ways to do it if you search for it online. Sad to say they just doesn't work. Finally Lena recommended that I should contact Bestarz to help me to communicate with my guides. The process is nothing like anything you find online. Even before she accepted me as her student, due diligence was carried out by her to ensure I'm am qualified to communicate with my guides. To cut short the story, it took me about 2 months of guidance and homework before the final activation when I was able to achieve my goal. Throughout the 2 months, Bestarz was always available to answer questions and give guidance. A truly kind and considerate teacher who delivers what she promised.

A heartfelt thank you for allowing me to easily communicate with my guides now. "

- Mr Anthony (Singapore)

" Bestarz coached me on crystal communication with much patience, taking me through healing and understanding of the topic. She also guided me through my homework, especially when I was unsure what crystals to buy for others. She is the kind and gentle soul that brings warmth to my heart. "

- Ms A. L (Singapore)

" I have approached Bestarz to do energy and sound healing for my anxiety problem. Feel the positive effect once I have completed my first healing. She is a very prompt & helpful healer."

- Ms Allice Tan (Singapore)

" I feel relax and gain more clarity with the audio for inner child healing that Bestarz send to me. It’s like a cleansing to me and I know what I truly want in life."

- Ms Jolene (Malaysia)