About Healingz

1. How does healingz work?

During healingz session, Bestarz will channel energy from the universe to help in cleansing or rejuvenating your energy field. It can be done remotely via Whatapps (most of the time), face-to-face or even through sound clip. Another signature modality by Bestarz is floral healingz.

All sessions are personalised and advised/guided by your spiritual guides. (Read: 2. Who are spiritual guides?)

Bestarz believes in co-effort during the healingz sessions where Bestarz will heal up to 80% of the issue and you will need to work on the rest through homework given by spiritual guides. This has been proven to be the most effective method and with long lasting effect.

2. Who are spiritual guides?

Everyone/Every souls have their spiritual guides in guiding them to work towards advancement and fulfill life purposes. Each person could have 1 to 7 spiritual guides in one lifetime and the spiritual guides may change at different life stages.

Spiritual guides (some prefer to call them guidance angels) are assigned according to your need. They could be religious figures, divine beings, ancestor or higher level souls.

3. Who can receive healingz?

Anyone who are open to energy healingz and need help to improve the physical and mental health.

The healingz can also work on issues with unknown reason which can be caused by past life or karmic linked experiences.

4. What are the charges?

The fee for each session could range from $20-$5000 for 30-45 mins. The actual fee and number of session will be advised by spiritual guides, which depends on how deep the healingz need to be done.

5. Is everyone suitable for healingz?

As the healingz session is strictly guided by your spiritual guides who know you from inside out, it is catered to help in your need. However, not all will feel the energy or result instantly (it is also normal if you don’t feel anything). It may take longer time (3-6 months) to let the healingz energy to blend in with body and mind, and make a shift to the surrounding energy field gradually.

Also to note that spiritual guides only provide guidance that benefit you and align to your life purposes. You still have the free will to decide for your own life.

6. How to achieve better result from the healingz?

Other than doing homework given by spiritual guides, practicing of mindfulness could help us to arise awareness of our own emotion, body sensation and thoughts. Mindfulness practice is also a form of self-care and self-help exercise to regulate our energy and destress. It is also a foundation for communication with spiritual guides.

You are also encouraged to go for nature walk and regular exercise such as yoga or body stretching to maintain balance in energy level.

The best way of receiving the healingz is to come with no expectation and surrender to the flow of life.